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Order wirelessly

Work more efficiently and faster through wireless orders.

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Experience the power of R-POS.

R-POS catering automation

The cash register system par excellence

Lightning fast & reliable

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Coupling with external devices

Payment terminals, ATMs, bar automation, etc..

R-POS and Dimona

Turn your R-POS cash register into a Dimona cash register


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Extensive functionality

  • To suit your specific needs
  • Designed after feedback from hundreds of catering operators
  • Programming can easily be changed

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    Very user-friendly

  • Intuitive layout
  • Very fast to learn, basic operations within minutes
  • Non-relevant functionality hidden from user

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    R-POS Mobile Wireless ordering via Orderman-Android-IOS

    Work more efficiently and faster? Good idea!
    By ordering wirelessly you save long queues at the counter and say goodbye notepads and the mistakes that go with them.
    You spread the orders and save on staff.

    Communication between the kitchen and the room is optimized, therefore save you time and money.
    And even beyond that, you also improve the service and experience of your guests.


    R-POS Kitchenscreens

    R-POS kitchen screens are well-organized and offer much more information than the traditional kitchen coupons!
    The kitchen communicates with the control, prioritize you together.
    Faster communication during the peak, so faster kitchen production.

    Limit errors to the minimum and shorten the waiting times, and your guests will certainly appreciate this Earn the investment directly by making more margin in the kitchen, you can not do it more efficiently Finally rest in the kitchen, no matter how busy it is.


    Extensive reporting

  • Simple basic reporting for daily use
  • In-depth periodic reporting possible
  • Export to Excel and make extensive analyzes

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    Blackbox compatibility

  • Officially certified by the FOD Finances
  • Smooth operation with the Blackbox is guaranteed
  • Multiple cash registers and / or handhelds with 1 single Blackbox

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    R-POS catering automation

    R-POS Horeca Software is characterized by quiet clear screens and clear design icons. The use is self-evident, instruction for basic operations is therefore superfluous. Every R-POS installation is tailor-made. With R-POS you are really in your own business! You determine which information is displayed. An ideal restaurant checkout.

    • POS system par excellence
    • Sublime settlement of different orders
    • Intelligent printer control
    • Dynamic database of all transactions
    • Detailed financial reports
    • Extremely user-friendly
    • Lightning fast & reliable
    • Higher return

    Process of catering automation

    Every R-POS cash register system for the catering industry follows an 'implementation process'.
    This process consists of:

    PRE-TALKWishing inventory catering automation


    APPLICATION CHECKManagement training

    INSTALLATIONCommissioning application on location

    ANALYSISCheck 2 weeks after commissioning


    Built with love by a team of experts.
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